1498 Reisterstown Rd.
Suite 252
Pikesville, Maryland 21208

email: info@auditorsinc.com

What is your mailing address?

Auditors Inc.
1498 Reisterstown Road, Suite 252
Pikesville, Maryland 21208

What is the best way to contact you for fastest results?

Email at info@auditorsinc.com will achieve the fastest results but we may also be contacted at (Office) 301-715-3811 or (Fax) 301-715-3812

What are your credentials?

We are CPAs and certified full charge small business bookkeepers with over 60 years of experience between us exclusively in the small business sector dealing with small business embezzlement detection and deterrence. We have seen it all and done it all.

How do I outright prevent embezzlement?

Do your own books. It's the only way. And if you are thinking of hiring a relative - well, believe it or not - they have been known to embezzle as well.

Do you encourage us to follow your guide on our own?

Without a doubt, it is easy enough to follow the guide on your own. Please read the guide from cover to cover - it is an easy read, we hope filled with humor for such a gut wrenching subject; however, recognizing that time is at a premium for the small business owner, we are available to conduct a forensic audit. To be very candid, at first, we did not think this necessary due to the ease of the information; however, due to repeated requests, we have decided to expand our services to include our CashCAM program. And since we are such fans of the Beatles, we are here to "hold your hand" - if you need it!

I am having a problem downloading the guide. May I purchase it by snail mail?

Certainly, give us a call at 301-715-3811 and we will email it to you immediately.

What if I catch my bookkeeper stealing from me? What do I do?

The first thing we would advise you to do is give us a call at 301-715-3811. We will direct you with the next step to follow. In today's litigious society, you have to be very careful. Can you believe it, someone is stealing from you, but you are the one that has to be careful. Sign of the times! And the reason we wrote this guide!

How do I know that this guide will work for me?

Give the guide to your CPA or someone who is knowledgeable in such matters and ask them to read and critique the guide for you. We have vetted this guide with many CPAs and small business people - no one questions the efficacy of this guide.

How much time does it really take to follow the guide's rules?

The average small business owner will need about 1.5 hours cumulatively per week. We think it is a small price to pay for peace of mind. And if time is really a problem for you, our CashCAM program will completely remove all your concerns.

If I decide I need help, should I choose your CashCAM program or go it alone with the guide ?

Time is the primary factor. If you've got the time, we recommend that you go with the guide because it helps you to understand the internal controls that will become crucial to your business as you grow. But as with so many small business owners, if this is not possible, then our CashCAM program will provide you with the peace of mind knowledge that your hard earned money is going into your bank account and not your bookkeepers.



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