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CashCAM™ provides you with a middle of the road alternative that replaces your oversight and our forensic audit.

Small business owners while keeping their eye on their competition should also be keeping their eye on their bookkeeper as well; but since there aren't 36 hours in the day, something has to give.   You no longer have to "pray" that your bookkeeper is doing your books honestly – we remove all question marks!

"10% of all people will never steal
10% of all people will always steal
80% of people steal given the right motivation"
(quoted from the ACFE)

CashCAM™ brings together sound forensic audit procedures with technology, to offer the small business owner a virtual camera that examines your bookkeeping transactions.   It is the equivalent of a hidden camera. Think of CashCAM™ as the "nanny cam" for your financial records.

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