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Company Wide Review of Accounting/Administrative
Procedures to Deter Embezzlement:

Auditors Inc. is available to review your company's accounting/bookkeeping/administative procedures and guide you through the process of putting into place forensic applications that will insure your company's assets safety.

Audits: Auditors Inc. will conduct a certified audit and it doesn't have to cost you a fortune: CPAs hire Junior Accountants (equivalent in experience to full charge/certified bookkeepers) to do the majority of the audit grunt work and charge CPA rates. We have reversed the process. We are certified/full charge bookkeepers that have hired CPAs to oversee/certify our audit work. So you pay bookkeeper rates – NOT CPA rates. The finished product is a fully certified audit accepted by all banks and organizations. Call us. We will be happy to provide you with a list of well served clients. 'Auditors Inc.'s overhead is minimal consisting of systems to manage our operations. We are all partners, so commitment to service is high. We are fidelity bonded, background checked and software tested.

Financial Audit: An examination by an independent third party of the financial statements of a company resulting in the publication of an independent opinion on whether or not those financial statements are relevant, accurate, complete and fairly presented.

Forensic Audit: A specialized financial audit performed specifically for the purpose of determining evidence of fraudulent activity and the damages perpetrated by that activity.

Valuation Audit: A certified audit that incorporates financial and forensic audit procedures as a function of "due dilligence" to determine the value of a business being bought or sold.

Norm Brodsky, a regular contributor with INC Magazine sold his three very successful businesses last year. “What would you think about having a team of outside accountants, lawyers, and operations people descend on your business to go through your records, question your employees, dissect everything you do, and judge how good your company really is and how truthful you really are? That's what happens in due diligence, and I'm sure most people would feel at least a twinge of anxiety about it. I know I did. But then "Greg"--the venture capitalist whose firm wants to acquire my three main businesses--sent in his crew to check us out late last year, and due diligence turned out to be one of the easiest parts of this whole process. The truth is, we were ready. For the past eight years, we have had an outside accounting firm do annual audit of our financial statements and certify their accuracy-and I questioned whether it was really necessary for a company our size to spend money on that, but my partner Sam convinced me that we would need audited financials to get the bank financing we'd be looking for in the future, and it was much cheaper to do the audits annually than to have an accounting firm do them retrospectively. The audited statements made the financial part of the due diligence process a walk in the park.”



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