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A Sampling of headlines with commentary in grayed out sections :

From the WASHINGTON POST, Kids Post, 11/11/03, "Not Fun and Games", an article that relates how a thief stole video game consoles used by sick kids and their families from a Ronald McDonald's house. Luckily, there was surveillance camera that got a picture of the thief.

Do you have a surveillance camera on your money?

From the WASHINGTON POST, 11/15/03, A-8, "Medicare Error Rate Down, Report Says", talks about how the fraud and billing errors in Medicare cost the government approximately $11.6 BILLION last year and the good news, is that, this represents an improvement.

Thank of all the hungry children in the world that this money could feed!

An ad in the WASHINGTON POST for Washington Sports Clubs is trying to sell you their Xpress line-their 22-minute workout and suggests that you "tell your boss you were in the bathroom".
Ok, I know they are only joking - but maybe not!
An ad in the WASHINGTON POST cites PEACE OF MIND - now available at a great rate.

May we suggest that Peace of Mind is not for sale!

An article in the WASHINGTON POST, 12/8/03 - B-3 - "State to Probe Incorrect Tax Claims" states that hundreds Virginia tax payers "erred-or lied" when they claimed a state tax deduction for Medal Of Honor recipients. It seems that only 4 Virginians have received the medal. "But tax department officials said it would be difficult to prosecute anyone for fraud because it is too hard to prove the intent to deceive."

A) Can you believe that? B) I am curious, how much was the deduction and speaking of which. . .an article asked business school students if given a 30% chance of getting caught, would they still steal, the overwhelming majority, said they would. Remember, these are business school students!

From the WASHINGTON POST, 11/9/03, F2, "Financial World's Scandals Keep Spreading" written and compiled by Steven Pearlstein; "First it was the executives and accountants, cooking the books. Then came the investment bankers and stock analysts, doling out bad advice. Now mutual fund managers have been added to the community of highly paid professionals who were supposed to look out for the financial interests of investors but decided to put their own interests first."

And we can now add the insurance companies on target to price fix their premiums. Let's see - have we left anyone out???

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